African Butterfly Hair Comb - Dupla Black 120

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Kelli C. (Moss Point, MS, US)
20 yrs of wearing it!

I bought one 20 yrs ago. I still have it! It's in great shape. I bought this one just to have a new one. I love them. I have my sister wearing them now!

Pam, Dayton, NV
Hair Comb Dupla Brown 70

It is beautiful! Holds my hair, feels a bit tight, but I love it!

Jo, Memphis, TN

My hair is changing as I age. I have always been told that I have thick, coarse hair; but as I am stopping coloring my hair, the texture is changing. I wasn't sure which size comb teeth to purchase. I also am growing my hair so that I could have different ways of wearing. I bought 3 combs: 2 for thick and one with thinner teeth. I LOVE all three! They all feel comfortable with a "try-on"--time will dictate how long they feel good when in use. The color, beads and stones add design appeal. I am very pleased with my purchase!