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African Butterfly


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See what customers like you are saying about our hair combs!

Most beautiful hair clip!

I’ve used various iterations of African butterfly clips, usually getting the 6 for $10 versions from China. My hair usually falls out in different places but I thought that’s just the way it is with layered hair. I decided to splurge and bought this clip. I’m so glad! It’s absolutely beautiful, and so much better made. And it holds all of my layers! Definitely worth the price. It works and it’s gorgeous.
Laura, Flagstaff, AZ
Thick Hair Game Changer!

I have super thick hair and cannot put in a pony tail. I get an instant headache. My coworker recommended this product and I am obsessed! It has totally changed the hair game for me. I do not get any headaches/irritation with this product. Also, great customer service and quick shipping time! 10/10 would recommend and will be buying again!
Julia, Westminster, CO
Long time happy customer

I have been purchasing African Butterfly combs for decades now and I absolutely LOVE them for so many reasons. Though its plan to see how beautiful they are, they are so much more than that! Talk about functional.. my hair is so fine and these combs are the only ones that actually stay in place and hold my hair AND the huge bonus is that they don’t hurt or give me a headache. They are so comfortable you don’t even feel that they’re there…I can even lie down on them and it doesn’t hurt at all. I do my yoga practice and get to have my hair out of my way and actually lay my head down right on the comb. And back to how they look… I’m constantly getting compliments and when I do I always direct people to your site. They also make great gifts! I’m a huge fan and always will be!
Cheryl, Arlington, MA
Love this cute little hair clip! - Dalena Black Chameleon

I have been wearing the standard size for about 15 years (these clips really do last that long!). I decided to try the smaller size I’ve been keeping my hair shorter. They really hold my hair just as well as the standard size ones, and I think the smaller size add a cuteness level. 😂 These clips really do last forever, so I’m sure to get another 15 years of enjoyment out of my new smaller ones.
Lori, Marietta, GA
Love it! - 11 Tong Wire Clip

I have one of the standard combs that I bought at a market years ago, but it hasn't worked in my hair since I grew it out. I am in a wedding this summer and wanted to get something that would make my updo effortless and that would work every time without having to stress about it! It was a bit tricky to figure out how to get the comb to work with my hair, but I was able to figure it out after a few different tries, so now I know and it will be easy to use! What worked for me was to French braid my hair, then put it up in the comb. I have a rather sensitive head to anything pulling on my hair, and that was the most secure way to hold my hair up without any pressure. I can't wait to wear it in the wedding, and many, many other times!
Jenny, Elizabeth, CO
Wire Hair Clips

Purchased Africanbutterfly clips 15ish years ago at a fair and still use them! They are great! I was weary about the metal hair clips as I have purchased some fron other places (walmart / Claire's). I could not be happier with the results of the original Africanbutterfly clips! I purchased the 11, 9 and 7 tine clips and there is not one that does not hold my medium length wavy hair to perfection. In this instance, you truly get what you pay for. I hope these metal clips last as long as the original clips I purchased in 2006ish.
Christina, Summerville, SC
11 Tong Wire Hair Clip

I was very pleased with my purchases. I have been looking for these every year at the fairs and this year, with COVID, everything was closed. I found your store online and am so glad I did!! These are the only clips, barrettes, hair ties, whatever people call them, that will hold my hair back! All-day without redoing it again and again! I was blessed with very thick hair and no clip will continue to hold my hair like these! Thank you for making the best clip yet!! I love all 8 of mine! I also loved the packaging and the promptness of delivery!!
Felicia, Orange, CA
Wish I'd bought several when I had the chance

Saw these at a Farmer's Market/Market many years ago - bought 2, not sure if I'd ever actually use them. Sadly I can't find one of them, but the other one is my most valued possession - I have crazy wild hair and when I sleep, when I wake up it looks like I've put my fingers into an electric socket. However - I use this clip to pile my hair on top of my head in a nice tightish bun at night, on the top of my head so I"m not lying on it, I sleep like a baby and when I wake up, my hair is nice and neat! I undo the clip and my hair falls out in nice tidy ringlets type of thing. I love it. And during the day, when I wear it, it's the ONLY thing that will keep my hair in check - so I HAVE to buy another one! Best hair accessory I've ever bought.
Joanna, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Absolute the BESTEST!!!

I've ordered 6 combs from this company beginning about 15+ years ago. I've lent them to girlfriends so they could see for themselves how amazing they are...
ESPECIALLY when you've accidently fallen asleep with them on and discovered there is absolutely NO discomfort!!!
Highly recommended...
Maggie, Errington BC, Canada
Love these hair combs

I happened upon this style hair comb at a local craft show and purchased one. I was instantly in love with how I was able to put my long hair up so easily and wow do the clips look beautiful. I wear mine over a sort of French twist of my long white hair. I've since purchased 2 more from African Butterfly online and couldn't he happier. I would purchase one of every color if I could. For now, I have to be happy with my 3 but at some point will be buying more. Thank you for such a great product. Wish I'd found these hair combs years ago.
Wendy, Clearwater, FL
Amazing, Must have for Healthcare workers!!!

I absolutely love the Africanbutterfly hair combs. Have bought in multiple styles. As a healthcare professional, I was wearing my hair in a basic pony tail and started having severe headaches at the end of the work shift due to having to wear a mask and shield or Papper during Covid-19. When I started wearing my new hair combs, my Headaches went away. Also many compliments from staff and patients asking about them as they look amazing. So easy to put in!! If I can do it..... LOL... anyone can!
Perry, Aberdeen, SD
Amazing quality, fantastic product!

I've been a long time lurker on this site, and after waiting quite a while, I bought one while they were having a sale and I just have to say; if you've been waiting to buy one, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE! The hold is second to NONE, and it's beyond beautiful! As soon as it came in my mailbox I put it on and it held all day long without moving an inch. But the most important detail is that it didn't hurt AT ALL, and it held my silky tailbone length hair without catching a single strand! It's so much stronger than store bought clips that are a similar style, but it's honestly not worth comparing the two. I'm already planning on making more purchases and I'll definitely be a repeat customer!
Michaela, Spring Mills, PA
New Customer Love!

High quality product and superb customer service. I messaged the company on Facebook to ask about sizing. They responded almost immediately. Shipping was fast. I was looking for a solution to keep my fine but thick long hair up all day. This works perfectly! Easy and quick to put in, so comfortable to wear and take in and out, doesn’t pull my hair, and stays put. Also so beautiful and seems like it will last for a long time. And after a week or so the company messaged back to make sure I was satisfied, even offering advice, tips, videos, and rechecking the size. I would definitely recommend and will be coming back! 
Shelby, Salisbury, MO

This comb is even prettier than pictured!! Out of my 'collection' of 24 pieces in varying sizes, the 5 tong combs are my favorite. I have fine hip length silver and they are comfy/secure for half ups, twists and buns. They are so well made that even the combs I use the most show no wear YEARS after I purchased them.  5+ star customer service and gorgeous combs always have me coming back.. Thank you <3
Gail, Ashburnham, MA
Awesome Product

These hair clips are now a part of my necessary list.  I wear my hair up all the time, especially for work.  I used to wear those plastic claw clips, however they didn't hold my hair in tightly.  Also, when traveling or driving, I wasn't able to put my head back against the seat as they would jab and poke.  I love my African Butterfly clips as they do not hurt, hold my hair in tight and I get so many compliments on them.  I just ordered the 9 tong wire hair clip and love it so much I have ordered 4 more for my sisters and mother to give as gifts at our upcoming family reunion.  And I must say what also keeps me ordering is the wonderful customer service.
Mary, Capistrano Beach, CA