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All day hold

This held my mile long hair for 12 hours with little readjustment! I will be buying more of your large combs! Thank you!

Perfect business look for super long hair

I have super long hair and I had to get my hair up and off my shoulders for work. This held beautifully! Thank you and I will be buying more in the immediate future

Got in early!

Really happy with my order of 6 different African Butterflies. They came in all together in a small box and they came in early. I am happy with all of them and look forward to ordering more of them in the future!

Beautiful Hair Piece

African Butterfly is the only company I would purchase beautiful and strong hair clips. I have purchased three recently after my dog got ahold of one I had bought over 10 years ago. The compliments I receive are endless. Thank you!!!

Love It!

Cute style! I get lots of compliments when wearing this.

Love it!

This is my fifth African Butterfly clip! I love them all! My hair is medium length, fine, and they work so well, stay in all day. I love the red beads in this clip for the holidays--a quick hairdo when I don't want to take time to style my hair, but still want to look nice.


The truth is that these were ordered as a gift and I have not seen them in person. However, over the years I have purchased numerous pairs of the plastic back combs (vs the wire of this purchase) and have actually worn one until the elastic gave way. This took several years of daily wear. The beaded on wire ones that I own have not been worn to that extent. But I can say that they are very comfortable. My biggest concern had been my hair getting tangled in the beads, it hasn't happened yet. I have had many compliments on the African Butterfly products and recommended them to many. LOVE THE PRODUCT!

Amazingly handcrafted

As always, another beautiful and perfectly handmade clip. I bought 4 others and love them all!

Big Success!

I just gave my daughter the large/brown African Butterfly Hair Comb - Ndebele Brown 100 - and she is excited to try it. The colors made her very happy, looking comfortable to her, like something good to eat! She has been wary of combs, not knowing how they work, but her thick hair is heavy and needs these beauties! Thanks to your instructions, she's excited now, and I'm so glad!

Love it!

Very pretty and easy to use on my long hair (that is thinner as I have aged). This keeps it up without a problem.

Love this!

Very functional and easy to use, especially on my hair that is now not as thick as when I was younger. And it's beautiful!

These were a Christmas Gift

I cannot provide a review at this time for this purchase as it was sent to my sister's house as a gift for my great-Nieces. The girls will not receive them until Christmas day, however, I have ordered from this company in the past & recently ordered some for myself. The shipments are always well-packed & the combs quite lovely & durable as long as they are not abused by over-stretching. They last forever with proper care. I will continue to order in the future.


I had 5 of my collection redone and what a beautiful job. They came back just like new. Just love African Butterfly, I have over a dozen and always want more when the new ones come out.

Like new!

I bought my original butterfly comb in South Africa back in March 2008 and discovered how very easy and convenient it is to use. I ended up using it practically everyday and taking it everywhere. As a result, the elastics had stretched and some of the beads broke from getting crushed in handbags. I wanted very much to get another one but couldn’t find it anywhere in NYC, believe it or not. So, after an intense internet search I found AfricanButterfly.com! Yay!!! I have since bought several more combs but then found out that they could restring my original comb! Double Yay!!! Rachel did a beautiful job, in a very timely manner, and my comb was packaged with care and is now good as new!

Nice selection

African Butterfly had a nice selection and variety of hair combs - just the kind I like for thicker, wavy hair and was extremely prompt in their responses and delivery. The price was comparable to prices of other Butterfly combs I've purchased.


This comb is even prettier than pictured!! Out of my 'collection' of 24 pieces in varying sizes, the 5 tong combs are my favorite. I have fine hip length silver and they are comfy/secure for half ups, twists and buns. They are so well made that even the combs I use the most show no wear YEARS after I purchased them. 5+ star customer service and gorgeous combs always have me coming back.. Thank you Rachel <3

Tried and Trusted

I don't even know how many wire clips I own. This is my trusted go-to brand. I have very long and COMPLETELY straight hair, and I always wear it back and pulled up. Very few things hold it up but those wire clips are the ticket. I deal with my hair for a minute in the morning and can forget it for the rest of the day.

Really great for thick hair

Although I have used the plastic versions of these combs for very thick hair for many years, this the first time I bought the wire version. I love it! It really locks in place and is very pretty to boot!


I love my new hair clip. I think it is beautiful looking and makes my hair look so good too. It also is very comfortable.


I love my new hair clip. I think it's so beautiful. I will definitely be getting some more.

Awesome Hair Clips

Not only do these hair clips look beautiful and keep my hair up securely, they also solve the problem of the uncomfortableness of wearing a plastic hair clip while trying to lean your head back when sitting or laying down. They make great gifts as well. Also, the customer service at Africanbutterfly is outstanding!!!

Love This Comb!!!!!!!

I love this comb!! It's very easy to get in my hair and very comfortable to wear. It's so comfortable that some days I forget I even have something in my hair. This comb also makes me feel a bit dressy cause its so pretty!! Thanks for a great product!!!

Love wearing this!

This comb is great!!! Not only is it easy to get in my hair it's also very comfortable. I love the wood beads and feel like I can dress up or down with this comb.
Thank You African Butterfly for making a super product!! I will be buying more!!

Best clip ever!

These by far are the best hair clips for my long locks. They are absolutely beautiful and hold my hair up.

Clip #228 - BEAUTIFUL!!!

I received an African Butterfly clip from my sister and was hooked!! They are so well crafted & lovely! The best part is that you don’t have to take it out when sitting on the couch! I purchased another one for myself and also sent one to a friend for her birthday!!! Thank you, African Beauty!!