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African Butterfly - 7 Tong Wire Hair Clip 319
Doris L. (Grand Saline, TX, US)

Everything about this hair clip is perfect. The design is beautiful and really well made. I have used these types of clips in the past but they have always been the plastic type and they break easily. This one is going to last for a while. I have very fine hair and with this clip, my hair stays in place all day.

Love my clips

I bought a couple of these at an art fair many years ago. Was so happy to find this website. Now I have 6 in different colors. They’re like potato chips….got to have 1 more!

Thick hair don’t care!

My hair is thick, wavy and unruly and has defied all manner of buns. I was skeptical. This works! It took a few tries for me to anchor it properly without pain, but it’s so handy for days I just want my hair out of my face. I’ve found that if it pulls any hairs at all, it’s best to take out and redo, or I will get a headache. I tend to wear it higher on my head as the weight of my hair causes a downward movement slowly, but once I get it balanced right, evenly situated in terms of tension in my hair and seated well, it stays all day. Such a cool invention (wish I’d discovered it years ago!!)


This is a beautiful comb! The beads are more sparkly and fun than the picture shows. It holds my hair well too!

African Butterfly Hair Comb - Beada Brown 196
Carol A. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

These are great clips that hold hair really well, whether in an updo or with a pony tail. I've had them for years and continue to get compliments whenever I wear them. Worth every penny!

I use my clips to hold all of my hair up when I’m in the swimming pool. It’s simple to use, looks great and holds all day until you want to easily remove it.


I have thick wavy hair and this holds my hair all day. I have tried other products from amazon and they just dont hold. I purchased one of these from a craft show and had used for work hairstyle. After 10 years the comb started to wear ( lost a few pieces off ) I tried lookalikes from walmart and Amazon, but not any where near the quality piece I received last month! I get many compliments and I will highly recommend this product& order more!

Beautiful and unique

I love this comb! Very pretty, holds hair very well, and no else I know has on ( except my hairdresser, who recommended this company to me). The customer service is great, and the comb arrived very quickly. Highly recommended!

Love my African Butterflies

I have 7 African Butterflies, love them all. Two, I have had since 2008 and have had to re-string them because the elastic finally stretched out. I sleep with one in my waist length hair to keep it out of the way at night. Would love to see a elegant wedding themed one made with pearls and maybe crystal type beads.

Nice Change

The wire helps the clip stay nicely. It is a nice change from the standard plastic, grocery store clip. Much more fun. Highly recommend.


I love my new comb! It holds my hair securely, and, either in a bun or half up, it looks super fancy. Also, the customer service was wonderful, the comb was shipped promptly, and I received a follow-up email after it was shipped. Thumbs up for African Butterfly!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in hair combs. (For reference, my hair is relatively thick, and down to my waist.)

Love my combs!

This is my favorite comb so far! Works great with my fine curly hair.

Love my combs!

I wear my combs every day. This medium size is perfect for my fine hair.

African Butterfly Hair Comb - Ndalena Black 100
Christy H (Fredericksburg, VA, US)
Great product--First time buyer

Great product, I wear it every day. It's very comfortable and pretty too! Fast shipping, lots of variety online. Will definitely purchase again.

Perfect with all of the black I wear. My hair is long and not thick and it really works

Colors go with any outfit. Very happy

Perfect for summer whites

African Beauty Chameleon Hair Comb - Ndalena Brown 27

Oh my gosh . . . I love all the colors of this one! I ordered 5 combs in my first order of different sizes and types and love them all. So comfortable, lots of compliments and I've gotten to where I want to wear my hair up all the time to show them off. Love them! Connie

African Butterfly Hair Comb - Beada Black 57
Connie H. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
African Butterfly Hair Comb - Beada Black 57

I wear a lot of black, so this is the most used so far. I have received a lot of compliments. These combs are all so comfortable you don't even know they are in. At first I checked it constantly to make sure my hair wasn't falling out of the comb because it was so comfortable and I couldn't feel it there! Definitely will buy more in the future. Connie

African Butterfly - 5 Tong Wire Hair Clip 215
Connie H. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
African Butterfly - 5 Tong Wire Hair Clip 215

Another great one! It's the only wire clip I ordered. I prefer the combs, but this wire clip is just as comfortable and looks great! Love the product! Connie

African Butterfly Thick Hair Comb - Beada Brown 183
Connie H. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
African Butterfly Think Hair Comb - Beada Brown 183

Love this clip! It was among the first 5 that I ordered. My hair is almost not thick enough for the large, but it works and I receive many compliments. It's beautiful in my hair! Connie

African Butterfly Chameleon Hair Comb - Dalena Clear 07

I love all the Combs I bought. It was my first order and I bought different sizes and styles. All of them were wonderful. This is my favorite of all of the ones I bought! Glad I got it before they were out of stock. And I get compliments any time I am wearing one of your products. I will be ordering again for sure! Thanks! Connie

Great color!

This is a large comb that covers all my hair in back. It is the right color blue to go with jeans and dresses I have. A nice addition to my collection!


This is one of the prettiest combs I've purchased. It fits nice and snug and looks great!


I love this clip. It's perfect for when I just want to pull up the front of my hair and not all of it. It's a beautiful piece and looks beautiful in your hair. I have had several friends purchase some of these after seeing mine. They all are just as pleased.