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African Butterfly Reviews

Based on 544 reviews
African Butterfly Wire Hair Clip - 11 Tong 330
Karin Singleton (Raleigh, NC)
Another great product

This is a beautiful clip and is a functional ornament.

African Butterfly Wire Hair Clip - 11 Tong 339
Karin Singleton (Raleigh, NC)
Another great product

I have been using hair combs from African Butterfly for years. The quality is consistent, and they are the only hair ornaments I use.

African Butterfly hair clip

I absolutely love these hair clips. So comfortable to wear.

Tripla brown 63

I am so glad I found you on the internet. I have been looking at Craft shows for the Africanbutterfly hair clips. I love them so easy to use on my extra thick hair and feel weightless.

Love this one too!

I love every metal one I’ve bought from you!
I just wish I could buy the wires somewhere and make one with my old beads. But I guess I will just have to wait until I wear one out. Shouldn’t take that long since I wear them 9 out of 10 days! I’m

I Love all of the wire butterfly combs I’ve gotten.

Nothing holds my heavy hair, except these metal combs! Plus, they are absolutely comfortable!
I now have 5 nine tooth sets, 2 seven tooth, 2 five!

African Butterfly Hair Comb - Beada Tube Clear 49
Mary F Wilcox (San Clemente, CA)
Beautiful Hair Clip

This hair clip is perfect. It keeps my hair up and out of the way and doesn't hurt when I rest my head back. I have gotten so many compliments on it.
I love they are handmade in South Africa and are ethically and sustainably produced.
The customer service at African Butterfly is awesome as well.

No tangles

I love that I don’t have to use a hair tie. No tangling in my hair. So easy to use.

Teeth too thick

I still love it, but unlike the the one I bought years ago, the teeth are just a little too thick.

Beautiful butterfly clip.

Holds my thinning hair beautifully. I'm happy with the butterfly clip.

Wonderful and Versatile Hair Comb

I have been wearing these combs for years. They are beautiful and durable. You can accomplish many different hair styles. They are also great for travel!

Love it!

I have very thick hair and these work beautifully.

Best Hair Clip

These butterfly hair combs are the best thing I have ever used for my thick hair.

Love these combs!

Since hearing about African Butterfly Combs I have completely turned my back on claw clips for good! These are so comfortable and they hold so well! I will be buying many more!


A little smaller than I anticipated but it will still work.

Overall happy

I have been wearing Africanbutterfly clips for over 18 years. Almost everyday. Only a few because the plastic combs last a long time. Like the metal comb but it bends easily and the first day I wore this one, the elastic on the bottom stretched out already. Not sure how long this one will last.

small but mighty

I ordered this in a small wondering if it would hold all my hair. It did! It is compact and easy to carry to the gym. Love it

my husband actually noticed it!

I love the color of this hair clip and my husband, who almost never comments, actually told me how good it looks! Call me surprised.

Looks good and it works!

It took me a minute to figure out how to make it work, but once I did, I love how it really holds my hair and looks good at the same time!


Recently got this one, and I can honestly say it is beautiful!


I bought this wire clip for my best friend who always wears her hair up and loves green. It was so pretty, I got one for me as well.

Love the wire hair clips!

Beautiful color!


I got this for a present for my mom. I haven’t used it, which is y I gave it a 4. But it looks amazing and I’m pretty sure it will work perfectly.


I bought this present for my mom, I haven’t used it, which is y it’s a 4. But I looks beautiful and I’m pretty sure it will work great!


Blends with purple 💜 and tan as well as black. Easy to use.