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20 yrs of wearing it!

I bought one 20 yrs ago. I still have it! It's in great shape. I bought this one just to have a new one. I love them. I have my sister wearing them now!

Love it

It's very attractive and keeps my hair up even in the Texas wind.

Love Africanbutterfly

I bought my first one years ago at a country fair. It was fantastic. People think it is hard to use, its not once you do it a few times. I have thick hair so it is great.
They also have so many styles. I just purchased 2 more. Well worth the money.

Just gorgeous

I totally love my combs. So beautiful and well made. Will be making future purchases and refer my friends. Thank you for your excellent customer service. Best purchase ever. Thank you.
L W.

Love it!

I received the ladybug hair comb as a gift and it’s so beautiful! It’s the perfect size for the amount of hair I like to put up. I wore it ALL day for work & there was no readjusting or sliding off. It’s so great!

Love it

Got nice compliments on it. Really looks nice in my hair. Easy to use!’

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Another beautiful beaded design from African Butterfly. So easy to use and looks great with my turquoise jewelry.


Works great & love the color


So far it's great. Big combs hold my hair up all day without being so tight it gives me a headache. Easy to use.


Beautiful and unique.


This beautiful comb is my everyday standby because I love it, and because it compliments my hair colors. The colors of the comb and beads describe the colors in my hair, with just the right amount of shine, so that it goes with everything and does not announce itself overmuch. It took me awhile to learn to use it successfully, and I developed "training wheels" to help me: first to band a low-ish ponytail, and then, with a twist I could more securely hang onto the slippery and not overly long hair, so as to control the second comb better. It really helped; now I don't need the wheels and can confidently accomplish the twist, with the tail flopping out the top, over to the right, the way I like it! So comfortable! Holds hair all day! And is dependably pretty! I tend to be obsessed about it!

Loving It❤

I have several of these combs but since my hair is grey, I love the clear ones best...I have long hair and they work perfect...no slipping and lots of compliments...

Amazing, Must have for Healthcare workers!!!

I absolutely love the Africanbutterfly hair combs. Have bought in multiple styles. As a healthcare professional, I was wearing my hair in a basic pony tail and started having severe headaches at the end of the work shift due to having to wear a mask and shield or Papper during Covid-19. When I started wearing my new hair combs, my Headaches went away. Also many compliments from staff and patients asking about them as they look amazing. So easy to put in!! If I can do it..... LOL... anyone can!

All day hold

This held my mile long hair for 12 hours with little readjustment! I will be buying more of your large combs! Thank you!

Perfect business look for super long hair

I have super long hair and I had to get my hair up and off my shoulders for work. This held beautifully! Thank you and I will be buying more in the immediate future

Got in early!

Really happy with my order of 6 different African Butterflies. They came in all together in a small box and they came in early. I am happy with all of them and look forward to ordering more of them in the future!

Beautiful Hair Piece

African Butterfly is the only company I would purchase beautiful and strong hair clips. I have purchased three recently after my dog got ahold of one I had bought over 10 years ago. The compliments I receive are endless. Thank you!!!

Love It!

Cute style! I get lots of compliments when wearing this.

Love it!

This is my fifth African Butterfly clip! I love them all! My hair is medium length, fine, and they work so well, stay in all day. I love the red beads in this clip for the holidays--a quick hairdo when I don't want to take time to style my hair, but still want to look nice.


The truth is that these were ordered as a gift and I have not seen them in person. However, over the years I have purchased numerous pairs of the plastic back combs (vs the wire of this purchase) and have actually worn one until the elastic gave way. This took several years of daily wear. The beaded on wire ones that I own have not been worn to that extent. But I can say that they are very comfortable. My biggest concern had been my hair getting tangled in the beads, it hasn't happened yet. I have had many compliments on the African Butterfly products and recommended them to many. LOVE THE PRODUCT!

Amazingly handcrafted

As always, another beautiful and perfectly handmade clip. I bought 4 others and love them all!

Big Success!

I just gave my daughter the large/brown African Butterfly Hair Comb - Ndebele Brown 100 - and she is excited to try it. The colors made her very happy, looking comfortable to her, like something good to eat! She has been wary of combs, not knowing how they work, but her thick hair is heavy and needs these beauties! Thanks to your instructions, she's excited now, and I'm so glad!

Love it!

Very pretty and easy to use on my long hair (that is thinner as I have aged). This keeps it up without a problem.

Love this!

Very functional and easy to use, especially on my hair that is now not as thick as when I was younger. And it's beautiful!

These were a Christmas Gift

I cannot provide a review at this time for this purchase as it was sent to my sister's house as a gift for my great-Nieces. The girls will not receive them until Christmas day, however, I have ordered from this company in the past & recently ordered some for myself. The shipments are always well-packed & the combs quite lovely & durable as long as they are not abused by over-stretching. They last forever with proper care. I will continue to order in the future.