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African Butterfly

African Butterfly About Us


Founded in 2002, we have become the top online specialty retailer of the original African Butterfly Hair Comb in the United States. We carry the highest quality hair combs available today. We have built our reputation by offering stylish and unique products for all types of hair. That, as well as our personalized customer service, keeps our customers returning again and again.

(2015) This site is dedicated to our Mom, Pat Cookus, who founded her company, African Butterfly, in 2002.


The African Butterfly Hair Comb was invented in South Africa. These combs are completely handmade in South Africa and are Fair Trade. They are a unique hair accessory that securely and comfortably holds up all types of hair much more effectively and snugly than other conventional hair combs on the market today.

This attractively beaded hair comb comes in a range of colors, styles, and price ranges to match any outfit, occasion, and budget. They are very easy to insert into your hair, and anybody with hair that needs to be held up off their shoulders for any length of time should have an African Butterfly Hair Comb.

This hair clip elegantly takes care of your hair for that special occasion, your work days and sport events or to keep hair dry and out of the hot tub. The African Butterfly holds bridal veils securely, even in moderately short hair. Women in the medical, food, beauty, or hair industry all share the benefit of having their hair out of the way while looking neat and professional. Other happy customers include grad students, new moms, dancers, as well as yoga, sailing, hiking, canoeing and outdoor enthusiasts. Grandmothers right through to young girls are all sure to find an African Butterfly Hair Comb that appeals to them. They are so easy to insert, anyone can use them!


Because of the product's strength and durability, our products come with a one-year guarantee on the elastic and the comb. Guarantee will not apply if exposed to hair products or excessive sunlight or water. To care for your product, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please note: It is strongly suggested not to submerse any of our combs in water, especially chlorine or salt. This will void the guarantee and will damage your comb.

Please make sure your comb is an Original! Imposters may be less (or more) expensive, but they will not hold up as long as the Original African Butterfly Hair Comb. Our combs are patented!

It is very important to note that when you place your order with African Butterfly, what you see on your screen is what gets delivered to your door! We do not substitute. Even though most of our combs are one of a kind, in rare instances we do sometimes get multiples of the same comb. Also remember that our products are beaded by hand and slight irregularities may occur. Colors also may vary from our computer screen to yours. 

Our company supports Fair Trade and is proud to be helping families defeat poverty with a hope of a better tomorrow.


South African Hand Made